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Elevate your wedding ceremony and/or cocktail hour with Tim’s elegant and versatile music. As a classically trained musician and a lifetime of playing jazz, Tim can easily cross genres to suit the occasion.   Tim’s music will uplift your guests while they gather, and give an irreplaceable, dignified atmosphere to your ceremony.  His upbeat and yet non-intrusive cocktail jazz music will entertain your guests and enliven the cocktail hour while you and your wedding party are busy with the photographer. Contact Tim to discuss the details of your special day.

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Tim Moher, is a professional musician who performs to the delight of many Brides and Grooms in South Western Ontario.  However, his services go far beyond the “day of” music for the ceremony or reception. He finds himself consulting with Brides and Grooms on many of the subtleties of having live music on their special day. Some of the conversations veer away from music, but are nonetheless very important to having a “perfect day”.  Some of the themes that are discussed are:









First and foremost…….location, location, location!  Tim has performed riverside, on a beach, in a home, and in several different large venues.  Romantic locations are fantastic, but Tim will always encourage the couple to think of establishing a Plan B.  He hasn’t been “rained out” yet, but he has had a few close calls.  This unfortunately increases the stress level from weeks before the big day to the minutes before the Bride walks down the aisle.  Having a back up plan can alleviate this stress.  It may be as simple as having an understanding where the wedding can take place if the elements are not cooperating.

Knowing your guest demographic allows you to select the right music from the beginning to the end of the evening.  If there are plenty of vibrant, young adults invited to the wedding, a string quartet may not cut it when it comes to cocktail hour.  Some musicians are hired by the parents of the couple, who want a style of music that favours their preference, however, the demographic of the guests is overlooked and then the choice of music can be detrimental to the enjoyment of all the guests. Tim listens carefully when consulting with clients to make sure he is hiring the right musicians for the job!

His vast connections with the local musicians’ community allow him to connect the right musicians to his clients needs/wishes.  Tim specializes in classical and jazz music, but if someone is looking for a flamenco guitarist, he has just the right person for the job!  Depending on the budget for the music, Tim has solo contacts to full band groups.  

Saxophone is often synonymous with Jazz.  However, for Tim, classical saxophone music is the root of his formal education, receiving a B. Mus. Ed. (Honours) from Western University in 1984. Ave Maria, Pachabel Canon, Jesus Joy and many other classics are in his repertoire. He has become more immersed in the jazz idiom over the years. His two to five piece band, TMJAZZ is in high demand in southern Ontario.

There are wedding clients, who know precisely the music they are looking for and others, who are seeking guidance in song selection.  Again, Tim offers a guiding hand or an open ear and is always able to accommodate his clients when meeting with them. His twenty years in the business allows him to serve the needs of his clients in a professional and caring manner.  His specialty is to make use of his talents by using a blend of classical music (usually for the ceremony) and jazz (often for the cocktail hour).  One band for the price of two!

Lastly, great timing is the hallmark of any worthy comedian!   This is also true for music. Tim’s extensive experience in providing music for weddings, has nurtured a sense of timing that is paramount for the evening to have flow.  For example, by choosing pieces properly, Tim is able to make sure the wedding party is not left waiting for the music to end once the bride has processed down the aisle.  Or sometimes he will make a transition from the more reverential service music, to the jazz cocktail hour, by playing a recessional that is livelier and maybe even jazzy, but still maintaining some dignity to give proper closure to the wedding ceremony. 

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